A half read book is like an unfinished love affair

It’s hardwired in my brain: whenever I see a good book for a great price I need to have it. Last week I had to stop myself from buying some classics (Frankenstein, Pride and prejudice, Romeo and Juliet) I already read in high school because what’s the point of owning them then? Generally I also look for books that are pleasing to the eye, but that’s another story. Most books I can’t even seem to find the time for which means they’re dusting away in my Billy IKEA bookshelf, to be kept around until I have better accommodation for them. So here’s a selection of ultimate bookshelf I would love to have in my future house.

All over the place

Wall1 Wall2

Most houses in Delft have big windows at the street level and whenever I pass by I can’t help myself from peeking in. Sometimes I saw a house with a grand wall filled with books and I would jump with joy. I hope one day I have (and read) enough books to fill such an enormous shelf.


squared Wall3

Use the entire wall, from bottom to top, to create almost an art installation with your shelves.

Nature inspired

Both are equally beautiful and totally D.I.Y-able. One could also make the first in a smaller version.

Out of the box (errr shelve)

The idea behind this book shelve is completely out of the box but I can see myself spend hours on fitting all my books in there.



I’m still trying to figure out how these books keep in place but this would be such a great way to save space and add an extra edge to it.  Perhaps this is something ill hack together for when I leave for Denmark!


The best thing about this shelf is that you can keep moving the pieces to create a different book shelf every day (not that I would do that). Rope2

At first I thought it was made with rope, but those are actually steel bars. Both book shelves are easy to dismantle and take away.

Interchangeable bits and no other fuzz… love this design.

If all else fails just try to hide your books under the bed, in the shower and perhaps in your unused fireplace? I think I would even consider crafting my own just because it looks so wicked!




I can’t wait to finally get on these great DIYs. Although my walls are currently filled with pages ripped out of magazines, the prospect off moving to Denmark has me rilled up (and my sister will be trilled to have something for up on her wall). Although some posteres might not seem as impressive, when they’re all framed up I think they look stunning!


Eventhough most people have moved on to the ebooks I still love having the real deal in my hands. Granted I have many unfinished books I still love buying more and more at my local thriftstore. Everybody should have the classics! This great way of storaging breaks up the walls and can be doubled as a nightstand. Love it!


Frames don’t always need to be hung on the wall. Leave them on the ground or at your desk to fill the space. This lovely print is from Design*Sponge x.

XOEasy, Simple but what a wow-effect. x


I’ve always been a fan of Marquee Signs. So I definetely want to make a YES or YAY. There are numerous different ways on making this so I’m still looking around to find some inspiration.

PEEPERThis babe just pierces your soul. Originally this was an art piece done by Olivers Jeffers but it definetely has some DIY potential. The frame that has been colored with it just makes the piece stand out even more. Looking at the thriftstores for some paintings.