Foreign symbols and other encryptions

I think the mysterious asian symbols really given an edge to an otherwise plain white tee. Mainly because I have no idea what it says and for all know am walking around with the equivalent of “egghead” on my tee. Or is it some secret code?

Cotton tank top

NIKE white shirt
€23 –

Black coat
€565 –

Givenchy pencil skirt
€2.260 –

Steve Madden ankle boots
€120 –

Cheap Monday clutch
€35 –

Vlieger Vandam leather jewelry
€115 –

Olivia Burton watch
€105 –

Illesteva sunglasses
€270 –

€9,19 –




Striped tees and gold pieces are always a match.


Enza Costa short sleeve crop top
€105 –

Adidas originals sneaker
€98 –

Grafea genuine leather bag
€205 –

Olivia Burton yellow gold jewelry
€135 –

Michael Kors bracelet bangle
€130 –

IBB gold knot earrings
€175 –

Asos jewelry
€9,59 –

Kelly Wearstler hand sculpture
€265 –


Mismatched Black and White

River Island print shirt
€39 –

Victoria Beckham wool peacoat
€1.555 –

White skirt

Windsor Smith platform wedge sandals
€155 –

Skagen dial watch
€120 –

Illesteva sunglasses
€275 –

H M hat
€21 –

€9,39 –


Beautiful Mess

Kenzo purple t shirt
€130 –

GUESS denim short shorts
€65 –

Converse canvas sneaker
€56 –

Olivia Burton leather strap watch
€105 –

Matthew Williamson round frame glasses
€290 –

Isadora gloss lipstick
€19 –

STELLA McCARTNEY flower perfume
€68 –

It’s spring time! The sun is coming out, the clouds are staying away and at times the wind doesn’t blow. Trust me that’s a real blessing in the Netherlands. Go out and find some adventure in this sporty outfit.


Striped teeStriped shirts are a wardrobe essential. PERIOD. Here’s a small list t-shirts I adore.

1.  Mango Berlin Striped t-shirt – Like the fold-over sleeves. Something I’d definitely consider making my self.

2. Mango Rib Striped t-shirt – Like the bold strips at the sleeves and the awkwardly cool length.

3. Monki Pim Tee – Not actually striped but spotted and so subtle.

4. Blackfive Striped Knit – Who says stripes need to be straight? Like the flowy cropped knit.

5. Sheinside Long Sleeve Striped Shirt – I like the loose fit and the perfect cut at the sleeves. I would buy this in a heartbeat.


My Instagram is filled with Celine, Chanel and American apperel. I wish my closet was stocked with them, but unfortunately this will have a price. I used to shop till I literally dropped: dragging my sister through the streets. It was all about that great deal. Stores like H&M and Primark play into these flash-fashion habits. But most items have a expiration date. Think about that peplum skirt in the back of your closet. Or those bold neon colors you used to color block. I admit half of my wardrobe consists of t-shirts I never wear. And most things I buy has a bad quality; the color fades or the fabric itches.

Of course our personal style also changes. Personally I’ve had my punk skater period – oh and a year of all black everything. At the moment I’m feeling this minimalist style. I envision it as uniforms of simple shirts, black pants and nice accessories.

And here’s the aftermath; where do we go from now? A full closet but somehow incoherent and outdated. I decided to take some control of my wardrobe. Embracing minimalism and letting go. I challenge myself to quit buying. For half a year I will stop and take a moment and really thing about every purchase. Keeping stuff on a wishlist and coming back to it later on will show if it was just the moment that made you love the item or if it is actually worth while. Now I am a firm believer of DIY and therefore I am excusing thrift shop buys and self made items. Let’s hope this works out!

In the future I also plan on revamping my wardrobe by following some advice from a true inspiration: into mind. She has such great advice!













If you are daring at heart, this is a look for you. I’m smuldering just by looking at them; red is my favorite color. I wish I was one of these darlings rocking this suit. If I could get my hands on ’em, boy let me tell you how often I’d wear it. Let’s face it suits are not just for men anymore. I found something similar at Asos and I don’t happen to have a pair yet but I’m not sure if it’s the best investment.



Christmas is around the corner. I’m both excited about New Years Eve as frightened. More on that later. Now is the time for sharing! For the first time we’re celebrating christmas (the commercial way). Since the dutch have their own traditional december holiday ‘Sinterklaas’ gifts were not usually given during christmas as well. I have great memories of it from my childhood but in recent events a new perspetive on the holiday creeped up. To make a long story short: racism is a key part and the ignorance of it has made me repulsed of the whole tradition. So for chirstmas we now have a butt load of packed presents for each other. My sister and I agreed on a limit of €5 which was plenty enough for me but despite the limit, a girl can dream beyond that..

Finally the wishlist of MMXIV:


1. Mango Wollen Coat – I love the balance between simple and iconic, the silver buttons give a hint of glamour and the slouchy fit creates enough room for stacked sweaters (nice an warm)

2. How to be a Parisian wherever you are – Im thinking striped shirts and black skinny’s but most of all the sheer arrogance and bluntness complimented by the mischeveous grims of the french

3. Daniel Wellington Sheffield Lady Watch

4. High top Converse red – to spark everything up

5. Fuuvi Pick USB Camera – Imagine having this in the pocket of your coat at all times. Ready for al the spontaneous trips and never missing a perfect frame again (gosh I want it)

6. A beautiful minimalistic tattoo – a constellation is perhaps not suited for me since I believe i am ‘signless’, always in between two horoscopes

7. A cocktail shaker – Every party starts with a good glass of bubbles and preferably three other kinds of drinks lined up


Sadly the summer is long gone here in the Netherlands and I don’t want to get depressing here but the sun is definitely not coming back. Time to get ready for autumn, leaves changing, more wind and more rain. It’s essential to be prepared and that does not only apply to waterproof mascara. Here’s one item that will help you survive those dark an dreary days and still keep you smiling whilst the teardrops fall on your face and your socks get soggy.


Stutterheim raincoats. Handmade in sweden, their passion adds up to great quality. These will last for decennia if you just take good care of them. It’s just timeless and stylish an can be worn over everything in my opinion. I’ve tried them on in the shop and – even a bit oversized – they look cute yet strong. My presonal favorite is the red or white.

a small list of things i love about autumn: 

  • the glowing feeling of drizzle on my face and imagining those are freckles
  • hard and heavy rain when i cycle home as fast as a can makes me feel alive and special
  • the sound of the drops on the roof while im sleeping 
  • a cup of tea and biscuits to warm up


Shirt € 1.50 – Pants € 1 – Silver Bangle
€ 1
Stone  €5

I jumped the thriftstores with my partner in crime Alisha and got some great finds. Other than the bargain you get I also just like walking around and thinking about the stories behind the peculiar items. Coincidentally all the items seemed to match perfectly, caught up in a big blue wave.