Made these cute cards last week, one for valentines (finally a card that’s not pink with hearts) and one to hang around. Found the inspiration from already existing white on black cards. I just love the contrast. Made with white pencil and acryl paint.







Recently I came across this lovely design by Johanna Nyberg. As a school assignment in Typography she created a series of book covers for Penguin Classics. These designs are so flowy and I love the golden detailing. Since I’ve always been so excited wrapping my school books I thought this would look very cute as book covers. And so I tried out some designs and colors.

These are the goods:

  1. Container big enough to fill your paper
  2. regular printer paper (glossy paper will not work as well)
  3. oil paint (and thinner: turpentine, oil) 
  4. small lids other container to mix the paint
  5. toothpicks
  6. Rubber gloves (if you have them)

Fill the container with water, a small layer of about 3 cm is enough. Cut the paper in any desired shape so that it at least fits the container. Then mix the paint with the oil, first of I used nailpolish remover but that did not mix the paint well, so I tried baby oil and that worked like a charm. You want the paint to be a little runny so that you can marble some nice shapes. But HOLD UP! Before putting a color in the water wait till you’ve mixed all the desired colors. Then when its in, just swirl it around with your toothpick, put the paper in and get it out when you see its completely filled.

 I made a bunch and here are my favorites. The result came out different then the inspiration but I love the out come just as well.

One thing i encountered while marbling is that sometimes some airbubbles get caught. As you can see in the right corner. When it happends just push the paper in more.

Surpisingly this one reminded me of the great glass art pieces made on murano island, venice. I’ve visited the island in spring and I absolutely loved it.


The hottest thing this summer and certainly something I am planning of doing! Here a little bit of inspiration. Oh how i am desperate to start on this little project!

The stationary set found on etsy is definitely something i want to get my hands on. Over the last decades, writing letters has become an illusive monster in the closet – rarely observed. A cute letter will certainly lift up every reader’s mood.

  This would even be a nice activity DURING the party.
 Lovely and simplicit. The personal touch really seals the deal.

Styling this tote would ROCK!

 A paper weight – a vase