I am as transparent as this backpack. or I’d like to be. Why should I be obscure, mysterious or secretive. To be honest most things I own I like to parade around because I love them so much. So i chose to embrace this with open arms. Wherever I looked, I would only find transparent clutches, not a backpack in sight. So since I still had some scrap left from my last DIY I decided to make it myself.

I stuffed my back full with thrifted books I found that day, 5 books for 4.

DIY Transparent backpack by Radioactive Ruby

DIY Transparent backpack by Radioactive Ruby

DIY Transparent backpack by Radioactive Ruby



Made these cute cards last week, one for valentines (finally a card that’s not pink with hearts) and one to hang around. Found the inspiration from already existing white on black cards. I just love the contrast. Made with white pencil and acryl paint.




Marbled Ring Dish


I finally have a week free, so I decided to focus it all on me. I took the week off from work which leaves me at home with my paint, my books and all the time in the world. Unfortunately half of the week has already passed but let’s keep everything on the positive side!

Marbled Clay Ring Dish

I was strolling down the buck-store and found modeling clay which then sparked a great idea. Some time ago I found this great D.I.Y from a beautiful mess, so i decided to try it out. Following the steps as they described I made the following ring dishes. I absolutely love them! A little tip I’d give is not being scared of putting the clay in the bowl, I tried putting the first dish on the outside of the bowl which left a small ring. And you really dont need as much clay as you might think. Overall I had a very nice time doing this with my grandma.


I can’t wait to finally get on these great DIYs. Although my walls are currently filled with pages ripped out of magazines, the prospect off moving to Denmark has me rilled up (and my sister will be trilled to have something for up on her wall). Although some posteres might not seem as impressive, when they’re all framed up I think they look stunning!


Eventhough most people have moved on to the ebooks I still love having the real deal in my hands. Granted I have many unfinished books I still love buying more and more at my local thriftstore. Everybody should have the classics! This great way of storaging breaks up the walls and can be doubled as a nightstand. Love it!


Frames don’t always need to be hung on the wall. Leave them on the ground or at your desk to fill the space. This lovely print is from Design*Sponge x.

XOEasy, Simple but what a wow-effect. x


I’ve always been a fan of Marquee Signs. So I definetely want to make a YES or YAY. There are numerous different ways on making this so I’m still looking around to find some inspiration.

PEEPERThis babe just pierces your soul. Originally this was an art piece done by Olivers Jeffers but it definetely has some DIY potential. The frame that has been colored with it just makes the piece stand out even more. Looking at the thriftstores for some paintings.


Time to try out something new. Since I have a new job I am finally allowed to wear nail polish. I felt like experimenting and found a really cool nail decoration set at the Flying Tiger for €3. This shop has absolutely every little thing you don’t really need for great prices and they all look so adorable!


I reaaaaally like the disco dip and the fluorescent one so I went ahead and read the instruction.

1. Leave nail polish layer to dry for at least 10 seconds.
2. Put matte side of the tape on the nail.
3. Rip it off.

Seems easy. Right? Right.


On my first try I used a clear coat of nail polish. It gave a good effect but I decided I wanted to have a background.


I don’t know how the model in the picture pulled it of but u found it absolutely impossible to get an entire layer on my nails. Only bits and pieces stuck on my nail and it seemed to get more if a cracking nail polish effect.
Finally I managed to have one of my fingers with an adequate finish. Other than that sometimes my nail polish actually got stuck on the tape instead of the other way round. Patience.

But I must say the shimmer to it and the fact that I could make rainbows with my nails was quite amazing.


I hope my next try pays of more and I must admit that I took off the nail polish completely the next day because I couldn’t stand those little imperfections.



Recently I came across this lovely design by Johanna Nyberg. As a school assignment in Typography she created a series of book covers for Penguin Classics. These designs are so flowy and I love the golden detailing. Since I’ve always been so excited wrapping my school books I thought this would look very cute as book covers. And so I tried out some designs and colors.

These are the goods:

  1. Container big enough to fill your paper
  2. regular printer paper (glossy paper will not work as well)
  3. oil paint (and thinner: turpentine, oil) 
  4. small lids other container to mix the paint
  5. toothpicks
  6. Rubber gloves (if you have them)

Fill the container with water, a small layer of about 3 cm is enough. Cut the paper in any desired shape so that it at least fits the container. Then mix the paint with the oil, first of I used nailpolish remover but that did not mix the paint well, so I tried baby oil and that worked like a charm. You want the paint to be a little runny so that you can marble some nice shapes. But HOLD UP! Before putting a color in the water wait till you’ve mixed all the desired colors. Then when its in, just swirl it around with your toothpick, put the paper in and get it out when you see its completely filled.

 I made a bunch and here are my favorites. The result came out different then the inspiration but I love the out come just as well.

One thing i encountered while marbling is that sometimes some airbubbles get caught. As you can see in the right corner. When it happends just push the paper in more.

Surpisingly this one reminded me of the great glass art pieces made on murano island, venice. I’ve visited the island in spring and I absolutely loved it.


The hottest thing this summer and certainly something I am planning of doing! Here a little bit of inspiration. Oh how i am desperate to start on this little project!

The stationary set found on etsy is definitely something i want to get my hands on. Over the last decades, writing letters has become an illusive monster in the closet – rarely observed. A cute letter will certainly lift up every reader’s mood.

  This would even be a nice activity DURING the party.
 Lovely and simplicit. The personal touch really seals the deal.

Styling this tote would ROCK!

 A paper weight – a vase


One of my character traits is transparency. I’m bad at keeping secrets and for the most part my face speaks a thousand words. Whether it is the sight of something disgusting or the first thought that pops up, one can always tell what is on my mind. Being so open with the world about myself gives me almost no embarrassment. This transparent bag is like a reflection of me. Letting other people snoop into a bag holding my most valued possessions, what a thrill!

A detailed video on this DIY can be found at a pair and a spare, I made some minor alterations and enlarged the stencil so it could fit some books. Inspired by the DIY of the talented blogger Geneva Vanderzeil left me no choice but to rush to my thrusted handy store and to purchase the goods:
  • PVC or in my case the stuff that you put on a table to keep it from stains and what not
  • 10 screw on spikes
  • scissors
  • 1.20 m metal chain

Cut the stencil out on the PVC. Don’t use pen as a way of marking the lines, in my case it could not be erased. 

Try to crease the sides a little bit and then overlap the PVC. When cutting the holes for the spikes, make sure the holes overlap. Repeat steps for all sides and the top part. 

To attach the chain i made a hole in the PVC and then added a little ring so the PVC doesn’t tear out over time. I opened one ring of the chain and then hooked it on the bag. 

Et Voilà!


Finally some time to actually print the canvas bag I got a year ago. Back then these were, in my case, extremely hard to find or ridiculously overpriced. And I love them so much: the simplicity, the style, the comfort. When I found this amazing yin & yang coy carper illustration I instantly fell in love. The idea had occurred to me before but sometimes one just not has the means – nor skills – to create what has been dreamed off. 
The illustration can be found here, but even though i searched for the artitst, he or she is still unknown to me. Without further ado, here’s the DIY!
I downloaded the illustration and mirrored and scaled it before printing it on special transfer paper for t-shirts. Cut out the picture while leaving approximately 5 mm. Follow the instructions carefully since it might change from brand to brand.
I centered the picture on the bag with 3 handtowels underneath. Then followed the ironing. The best part is peeling the top layer of, not knowing wether it will turn out alright. As you can see, the bag looks pretty rad!