My Instagram is filled with Celine, Chanel and American apperel. I wish my closet was stocked with them, but unfortunately this will have a price. I used to shop till I literally dropped: dragging my sister through the streets. It was all about that great deal. Stores like H&M and Primark play into these flash-fashion habits. But most items have a expiration date. Think about that peplum skirt in the back of your closet. Or those bold neon colors you used to color block. I admit half of my wardrobe consists of t-shirts I never wear. And most things I buy has a bad quality; the color fades or the fabric itches.

Of course our personal style also changes. Personally I’ve had my punk skater period – oh and a year of all black everything. At the moment I’m feeling this minimalist style. I envision it as uniforms of simple shirts, black pants and nice accessories.

And here’s the aftermath; where do we go from now? A full closet but somehow incoherent and outdated. I decided to take some control of my wardrobe. Embracing minimalism and letting go. I challenge myself to quit buying. For half a year I will stop and take a moment and really thing about every purchase. Keeping stuff on a wishlist and coming back to it later on will show if it was just the moment that made you love the item or if it is actually worth while. Now I am a firm believer of DIY and therefore I am excusing thrift shop buys and self made items. Let’s hope this works out!

In the future I also plan on revamping my wardrobe by following some advice from a true inspiration: into mind. She has such great advice!


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