Christmas is around the corner. I’m both excited about New Years Eve as frightened. More on that later. Now is the time for sharing! For the first time we’re celebrating christmas (the commercial way). Since the dutch have their own traditional december holiday ‘Sinterklaas’ gifts were not usually given during christmas as well. I have great memories of it from my childhood but in recent events a new perspetive on the holiday creeped up. To make a long story short: racism is a key part and the ignorance of it has made me repulsed of the whole tradition. So for chirstmas we now have a butt load of packed presents for each other. My sister and I agreed on a limit of €5 which was plenty enough for me but despite the limit, a girl can dream beyond that..

Finally the wishlist of MMXIV:


1. Mango Wollen Coat – I love the balance between simple and iconic, the silver buttons give a hint of glamour and the slouchy fit creates enough room for stacked sweaters (nice an warm)

2. How to be a Parisian wherever you are – Im thinking striped shirts and black skinny’s but most of all the sheer arrogance and bluntness complimented by the mischeveous grims of the french

3. Daniel Wellington Sheffield Lady Watch

4. High top Converse red – to spark everything up

5. Fuuvi Pick USB Camera – Imagine having this in the pocket of your coat at all times. Ready for al the spontaneous trips and never missing a perfect frame again (gosh I want it)

6. A beautiful minimalistic tattoo – a constellation is perhaps not suited for me since I believe i am ‘signless’, always in between two horoscopes

7. A cocktail shaker – Every party starts with a good glass of bubbles and preferably three other kinds of drinks lined up


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